Sardar Government Museum

For the best insight into the rich culture and history of Jodhpur, look no further than the Jodhpur Government Museum. Built by Maharaja Umaid Singh it lies in the centre of Umaid Bagh, which is also known as the Public park. One can find a variety of weapons, textiles, miniature paintings, inscriptions, sculptures, metallic objects, arts and crafts at the government museum that help understand the life led by the past generations of Jodhpur. In addition to housing this fascinating museum, Umaid Bagh is also host to the public library and a zoo.

The place is divided into four sections – the archaeological area, the armoury, the display of arts and crafts, and the historical section. As the royals of Jodhpur were fierce warriors, this museum displays quite a bit of its military history. Along with a beautiful range of carefully preserved antiques, military plane models and battleships are also displayed here. There are stuffed animals showcased as well, portraying the indigenous fauna of the region, a sight that is very well received by the children who visit. The range of the exhibits dates back to almost the 6th century.